The true cost of using my iPhone

How minimising my mobile made my mobile more valuable than ever before

Reducing my screen time

I decided on two ways to reduce my screen time:

1. Reduce my total number of apps

My first step was to order my existing apps into three categories:

  1. Apps I used weekly
  2. Apps I rarely used
The home screen of my iPhone

2. Replace existing apps with those that offer greater value

Once I had minimised my total number of apps, my next step was to specifically and intentionally re-arrange those that remain on my home screen. I replaced apps I used to interact with daily with those I wanted to interact with on a more regular basis and those that would provide greater value. For instance, one of my intentions is to learn French so I placed the Duolingo app where the Facebook app used to reside. Now, whenever I find myself in a state of boredom and my natural reaction is to open Facebook, I find myself opening Duolingo and spending 5 minutes completing a small exercise. I repeated this process for other apps such as Audible and Medium.


My phone is more valuable than it ever has been, and, in a way, it has started to make some small inroads into justifying its hefty price tag (I own the iPhone XS). It is no longer a device which is used as a pacifier or as an entertainment piece, instead, it’s something which is used to assist my growth and development as a person.

Reduced screen time

My daily screen time has reduced dramatically. I now average between 1hr – 2hrs of time per day using my phone but this time is spent on those apps that bring the most value.

Greater return on time spent

Although the time spent on my phone has decreased, the value of my time has increased remarkably. On average, I spend more than 2.5hrs per week on Duolingo and Medium and in turn, my new language skills are improving whilst my time spent reading and writing Medium articles is also increasing.

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