Hi Stephen

I enjoyed your article and I think you touch on a great point. In today’s world that is inundated with advertising, the rise of social media and the psychological exploitation of young minds, the credit card is almost the gate keeper to success and happiness. But as we both know, happiness and success don’t lay on the other side of a credit card.

The issue, which I think your article highlights, is the lack of education within our schools regarding financial self-management. We’re not educated on the dangers of credit cards. We’re not educated on the dangers of consumption or warned about the powers of consumerism. We’re simply on a conveyor belt the promotes the need for grades when in reality, our consumer lifestyle is not marked on a graded system.

Managing finance, savings and spending must become part of our curriculum to prevent the upcoming generations being lured into the same ease of parting with their money in a free regretful manner without understanding tomorrow’s implications and regret.

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UI & UX Designer. Passionate about design, health & fitness and wellbeing.

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