Hi Jennifer Taylor Chan I love your workspace. Although not minimal, there’s a sense of order, a sense of function. You can see my workspace here: https://medium.com/@paulwallas/my-minimalism-journey-f4d8d94bc823 I wrote this post at the start of my minimal journey.

My workspace consists of a..

  • iMac 27"
  • iPhone charging doc
  • Wenicons Elvis ‘Uh-huh’ coaster

My shelves contain a little more product and decorative items which are:

  • Design & UX Books
  • Telephone
  • Picture of our kittens

And that’s it. It’s a focused workspace with a small sprinkle of the things that are important to me.

Thank you for your post.

Written by

UI & UX Designer. Passionate about design, health & fitness and wellbeing.

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