• Keir Covington

    Keir Covington

    Designer, Developer & Technologist

  • Emmanuel Johnson

    Emmanuel Johnson

  • Charlotte Sabbah

    Charlotte Sabbah

    Marketing Director at Manzalab

  • Drew Burdick

    Drew Burdick

    Design leader with a track record of building effective teams and bringing innovative human-centered experiences to life.

  • Ryan Belisle

    Ryan Belisle

    Web Designer, UX/UI & Front-end Developer. Specialize in designing & creating websites for the Joomla! CMS Platform. EDM lover & Martial Artist.

  • Richard Gibbons

    Richard Gibbons

  • Ian Culshaw

    Ian Culshaw

    Front-end [Pb] at YunoJuno. Part of Industrious Minds

  • Ithi


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