Excellent article! I wholeheartedly agree that accessibility is our biggest flaw yet I’m not saddened by this as marketers prey on our quest for convenience.

To combat this, I’d like to share my approach to eating healthy as this is an approach born out of my realisation for needing a convenient, accessible menu.

Firstly, I look at food as a source of energy and nutrition. I no longer think of it as entertaining or as a delight. As a result, I’ve selected 5 meals, all of which require less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook. These meals are added to a Trello board.

I then list all ingredients for all these meals onto my Apple notes app in the form of a checklist (radio button). At the start of each week I have every ingredient unchecked and once I’ve purchased the ingredients I check the item.

The downside to this approach is the repetitive nature of my Monday-Friday meals, however my shift in mentality removes this concern as I know my body is fuelled. The upside means that I no longer have to produce a shopping list at the start of every week. This means my food shop is no longer a chore, it’s not something avoid and replace with a convenient unhealthy ready-meal. It’s now an easy, effortless task enabling me to eat healthy food on a daily basis.

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UI & UX Designer. Passionate about design, health & fitness and wellbeing.

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