Benefits of user testing

How user testing provided valuable insights into the impact of external, micro-interactions

At RightIndem, UCD (User Centred Design) is core to all design process and we firmly believe in placing customers at the heart of all our design decisions. We adopt Lean UX, a process which enables us to make assumptions on user goals, hypothesis on how we plan to solve these goals and evidencing our results to measure success and assumption accuracy.

RightIndem Design Process

Making use of office whiteboards, pen & paper and any other material we rapidly generate low-fi mock-ups to begin the challenge of solving our user goal. Our early ideas are tested amongst the wider team and once achieving a high-confidence level we transition these mock-ups into high-fidelity prototypes.

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Making use of office whiteboards

User Testing

A recent finding from user testing has played a key role in our approach to design and has increased our awareness and respect for external micro-interaction.

The Goal

The Result

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External user testing

The Why

The process can be broken down as such:

  • User consumes our app instruction on how to capture their photo.
  • Micro interaction: User grants permission to allow our app to access their camera.
  • Micro interaction: User decides between two options; Capturing a photo or selecting existing photo from device.
  • Micro interaction: User physically approaches their vehicle.
  • Micro interaction: User is presented with their native camera, no longer displaying our original instruction or our UI.
  • Impact: User has forgotten our original instruction.

These micro-interactions seem small and fairly unobtrusive. However, they play a huge impact on our user’s short-term memory. As these micro-interactions are both cognitive and physical, they break down short-term memory causing our users to forget the initial instruction. This causes incorrect photo capture which in turn plays greater significance to our second user group; insurer claim handlers. We would have never discovered this small but significant behaviour without the use of user testing.

The Future

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