An open letter to Medium writers

I’m unashamedly asking for help

Over the last few days, one of our cats required an emergency life-saving operation. It was as instant as a flick of a light switch. In a single moment she went from being very healthy to extremely poorly.

Thankfully, due to the incredible efforts of specialists at Pride Vetenary hospital, she is now back home with us. There’s still a 12 month recovery plan but we’re delighted she’s home.

For anyone who knows us, or knows me personally, our cats are our world. We don’t have children, we very much see our cats as our kids so this entire situation came close to emotionally breaking us.

Not only has this emptied us emotionally, it has done so financially. Our insurance, as I have come to expect, does not cover for these emergency situations and so we now face bills close to the five figure mark. We also face expensive visits, once per month to be exact, over the next 12 months.

This is where I am asking for help. I’m certainly not asking for money but I am asking for advise.

Is there a way to make a small passive income through Medium? I’m not taking thousands, I’m just talking enough to help us here and there with our new, unexpected increased costs.

I’m a keen writer but I have always wrote stories to try and help others, I have never wrote them with financial intentions in mind.

Is it possible to write stories to help generate income?

Are there publications that offer a wider audience for greater exposure?

Are there other methods that Medium offers to help generate a small income?

If anyone has any advise on how I may bring additional funds into our home via evening and weekend writing, I’d be incredibly grateful.

Thank you.

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