Why I think the new Toolbar to match Big Sur is a big step backward

On November 17th, Sketch released Sketch 70 Beta. Alongside regular fixes and improvements that land with each major release of Sketch, the fundamental change was the Visual User Interface.

Toolbar Icons in Sketch Beta 70

Sketch promoted this as a “UI redesign that fits right in with the new macOS Big Sur design language.” While I…

How to eat more of the plant-based foods you like and even those you dislike

An image of a plant-based bowl

A plant-based meal plan, to be successful, should contain a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts and seeds in order to provide you with a plethora of micro and macro nutrients. However, it should also contain a majority of fruits and vegetables that you actually enjoy eating.


How a calm mind, an energised body and a happy heart helps you experience life to the fullest

an image showing a woman enjoying the sunshine

Life is one big experience. Whether you’re someone who lives life to the full or someone who enjoys the smaller things in life, these experiences can be amplified when your mind is clear, your body is energised, and your heart is filled full of happiness.

However, life isn’t always easy…

How minimising my mobile made my mobile more valuable than ever before

An image of an iPhone sitting empty on a surface

Being someone in my mid-30’s I lived in a world before mobile phones dominated the mainstream consumer. I remember what it was like to be bored. I remember having faith in friends to remember an arranged rendezvous. And I remember a world without Google, Facebook. Instagram and Twitter.

Being someone…

How a chapter from ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ changed my approach to all design problem solving.

An image of a measuring wooden triangle that depicts the manual art of problem solving

InIn the field of design, whether this be physical design such as industrial or digital design such as UI/UX, problems exist and without the act of writing down our personal observations and potential causes of these problems, we can easily get lost in our thought process of solution.

We’re afforded…

I now have a lot less waste and a lot more time

Having adopted a minimalist lifestyle for more than eighteen months now, meaningful shifts in my life have become easier to identify. Minimalism is analogous to a diet at first. Positive changes are noticed almost immediately but unlike many popular diets, minimalism is a tool that offers long-term sustainable health benefits…

Simple organisation methods that helped me take control of my email

Having read many articles on the benefits of having a zero inbox, I wanted to explore this for myself. My primary goals were to:

  • Reduce email noise
  • Improve email organisation
  • Act deliberately with each new email
  • Remove subscription email that do not add value

So, this is how I set…

Our screen is an information channel that dictates the volume of information we can send to the user.

An image of an iMac, iPhone stencils and a macbook depicting different device types

Our approach to interface design has changed dramatically since the rise of mobile devices. Overtime, responsive layouts have become increasingly popular and along with them, “simple design” has become a recognised term.

Simple design

Simple design or design simplicity is an approach that sits behind the design paradigm — mobile first design…

Paul Wallas

UI & UX Designer. Passionate about design, health & fitness and wellbeing.

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